Way back when, when the internet was new to us and we were tentatively exploring newsgroups and e-mail lists and other things that seemed so intimidating after the safety of Prodigy, GEnie, AOL, etc., we were searching for other stampers. We wanted playmates, teachers, friends. And eventually we found what we were looking for.

Some of us olymp trade app didn't find such things until someone introduced us to Cyberstampers. Having been a growing stampers' community since 1998, Cyberstampers made finding those friends to learn from and have fun with easier. But now the internet has changed. WE have changed. We're not nearly so hesitant to go off Internet exploring. Some of us have found the goodies we all love, and sometimes even for FREE! (Free always being a favorite word.)

So now it's time for Cyberstampers to change. Within the next month you may notice Cyberstampers staff looking glazed. Lost, even. You'd swear you could almost hear the wheels in their collective little heads just spinning! (Don't sit downwind of Janet through December though, when her little wheels start turning it sort of smells like burnt rubber.) (And her little wheels are turning all the time lately.)

This is the first of the ideas and future plans to leak out right in this space. We know we want a bulletin board, and easy to use discussion areas. We want to start a group project "stampers wikipedia pages" and develop (all of us working together!) resources for the new (and not so new) stamper. We know we want a gallery where we all can upload our work and get that inspiration from looking through everybody else's olymp trade application work.

So the check list (so far) is:

  • build bulletin board
  • include lots of discussion areas
  • start a stampers wiki for both questions and answers
  • build a gallery of art, controlled by each individual
  • make a calendar where anybody can schedule their own events

Did I include everything? Can I www.app-apk-android.com/olymptrade really build all that in a month? What would you say should be our top priority to get built, because I'm sure I can't get all my dreams beat into reality in a month!

Do YOU have something you'd really like to see Cyberstampers offer? Write us! Any and all suggestions are getting a serious look! Until it's suggested, we don't know if we can do it or not! So write cyberstampers@cyberstampers.net with any questions, suggestions, problems, or some pie in the sky dreaming of what your own internet home needs to have.

We're glad you're here!! Help us dream and build a new playground!


last modified 30 November, 2007