The folks who live in the chat room swear by their dedicated IRC chat software. Here are a few of our favorites and where to get them and how to set them up:

for Windows computers:

mIRC: used by 90 percent of the cyberstampers chat heads, this is a powerful, yet simple to use program. It is shareware, so you can use it for 30 days, decide if you like it, then register it if you do. There is a one-time request for $20. This goes to the creator of mIRC software and is the same as buying a CD of fonts or clip art, or any other software program. That fee covers any and all future updates to the program. This software is perfectly safe to download and use. Of course, in today's world you must have anti-virus software running on your computer, whether you download mIRC or any other programs available online.

Get it at and set it up like this:
1. download and install program. The first time you use it, go under the View menu and pick Options and fill out all the different screens in that. If you don't know, leave it how it is, the default settings will work well.
2. Set up our server. Go under the File menu to "select server" and click the "add" button in the dialog box that pops up. Fill in the blanks like this:
Description: Cyberstampers
IRC Server:
Port: 4000 (if that doesn't work for you, you can also try 3000 or 7000, all three work)
Leave the groups and password spots blank, click OK. Then in the next dialog box that opens, click "connect to server" Voila! you're in chat!

After you have installed mIRC (or any other chat software) simply go to our schedule page and click on the highlighted links to join our classes and chats.

for Macs:

IRCLE: Ircle is the premier software for your Mac. Go to their homepage,
get Ircle, and start chatting. Ircle's home page is at and shows how to set up the server you want. The server you want is port 4000.

for both:

Chatzilla: an add-on to the free Firefox browser. Absolutely free and very easy to use. No setup required, other than filling out your personal information. When at the Chatzilla command line type /attach then, after being connected, type /join #cyberstampers (or whatever room you want).


last modified 20 August, 2007