Opening a class page

To open a class page, move your cursor over the url until the hand icon appears then click or double-click on the url. Try this url:

To chat, type on the line where your cursor is blinking and hit enter.

If you have a pop-up blocker you need to hold the control key down while clicking on the class samples and instructions page url.

Very important note: all times in cyberstampers are *eastern US* time. Please adjust for your time zone.

Moving to another room:

#cyberstampers is the lobby entrance for this chat site. If in doubt as to where the class or event is being held, enter #cyberstampers by typing
/join #cyberstampers.

To move to another room click on the word following the # sign. For example: #chat and if clicking doesn't work with your chat software, type in the full command:
/join #chat

Changing your nickname:

When we play games such as trivia, we keep our own score by changing our nicknames example: Janet-24

To change your nickname, type the words after the dots...
/nick yournewnickname (example /nick smarty )
Note: do not include the parentheses.

Nicknames can't be longer than 9 characters.

When you return change your nickname back to your original nickname.....
/nick (insert your nick here)


/nick JaneDoe

To open a private chatroom for just you and someone else:

Place your cursor over their name in the column of names on the right side of your screen, click to highlight that name, then double click to open the private message (pm). If double clicking does not work with your chat software, type in the full command:

/msg (nickname of the person you want to get your message) .

Names with a @ symbol before their names indicates that they are staff. Any questions or problems during classes should be addressed to staff as a private message (PM).


During conventions, please do not talk during class until the teacher asks for questions or comments.

Only Teachers use CAPS, this is what makes classes easier to read.

Staff and/or teacher will greet newcomers but everyone else should wait until the end of class to greet friends.

Do not private message (pm) the teacher during class. If you wish to ask something in private, please wait until the end of the class.

IMPORTANT: Please stay on topic. If you wish to talk about something other than the class, please do it in a pm or go to #cyberstampers

Please refer to Vendor Mall vendors whenever possible when talking about stamps or a product. Our wonderful mall vendors are the people who finance the operations of Cyberstampers and make this site possible.

Classes start on the hour, not 15 or 20 minutes past the hour. We have a 10 minute break between classes that runs from 55 after the hour until 5 after the hour (for example: 9:55 to 10:05) during conventions. If you are late for class, please slip in quietly. Someone will post the url for the class page for you. If you have trouble, please pm a staff member for assistance. Please don't ask the teacher to go back over material already covered before your arrival. Classes are logged and are available shortly after the convention at

If you are leaving during class, don't interrupt to say goodbye. However, if the class is over, it is a social or it is a chat, say goodnight and give others 20 seconds to say goodnight to you. (This is just a suggestion but often we are saying goodnight to someone who has left.)

Chat is for fun!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!! If you mess up or forget one of these commands or suggestions, it's not a big deal at all, someone will just tell you and it will be a forgotten incident. The world will not end if you forget something or get excited to see a friend and greet them during class, or any of the other things mentioned on this page.

We have mentioned several things that we've found keep classes running smoothly for all concerned, and feel they are important The staff people are always happy to help you, and we're always glad to have you join us! So come on in... and bring a friend or two! You'll be glad you did!

last modified 29 April, 2007