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Cyberstampers Logs for 1999-2000!

[note: the format of dates is year-month-day]

Snowcat Card from AmyLPR 00-12-23

Using Seal Stamps with Redstick 00-12-16

Decorating Soap with Ducksneeze 00-12-09

Antique Encore Backgrounds with RubberRabbit 00-12-02

Faux Batik with Sundaystamper 00-11-18

Christmas Ornaments with deb and Janet 00-11-11

Beginning Stamp Carving with Raven 00-11-07

Overcoming Paint-o-phobia with Janet 00-11-05

Krystalvue Pins with Renee 00-11-04

Polymer Clay Pens with Janet 00-11-04

Christmas Ideas from deb and Janet 00-11-03

Art Talk/Stamp Tips Discussion 00-11-03

Push-Pull Slide with Jessica 00-11-02

Paper Charms from Enchanted Ink 00-11-02

Reinker Magic with Suzanne 00-11-01

Polymer Clay Purses with Redstick 00-10-31

Leaf Tile in Polymer Clay with Sparkle 00-10-31

Art Talk and Tips with Beanjean 00-10-30

Cards for Men from brenda 00-10-29

Using Sparkly Powders with Janet 00-10-28

Pop-up Flower with Evo 00-10-28

Stick Book with Redstick 00-10-28

Re-inker Magic with Suzanne 00-10-27

Polymer Clay Discussion 00-10-24

Holly Polymer Clay Cane from Sparkle 00-10-14

enchy says "Spritz Me Baby" 00-10-07

Polymer Clay Flowers with Jillie 00-10-03

Framed! by Redstick 00-09-30

Faux Postage with Sundaystamper 00-09-23

Polymer Clay Flower Cane with Sparkle 00-09-19

Stamping a Dry Embossed Tile with dbstamping 00-09-16

Classical Crayons (encaustic) with Jessica 00-09-09

Easy Jewelry from Janet and deb 00-09-05

Charms-what do you do with 'em? Answers from Jhone 00-08-26

No-fail Pendant from Janet 00-08-22

Bejeweled Wire with Janet 00-08-20

Curing Paintophobia with Janet 00-08-19

Color Mixing with MomCat 00-08-19

Jewelry Follow-up Discussion with Janet 00-08-15

Coils, Coils, Coils--a Wire Bracelet from Janet 00-08-08

Impromptu Classes--Backgrounds and Fat Marvies 00-08-05

Wax Paper Resist from dbstamping 00-07-29

Quick Crafts Discussion 00-07-25

Layering from Crowfeather 00-07-22

Lampworking pt 5 with cak 00-07-18

Chalking Stampscapes with Yama 00-07-15

Shadow Stamping Ideas from brenda 00-07-08

Faux Crackling with EB 00-07-01

Impromptu Pop-up Class 00-07-01

Liquid Sculpey part 2 with RubberKin 00-06-30

Boxes from Scratch with Janet 00-06-30

Liquid Sculpey with RubberKin 00-06-29

Wirework for Kids with Janet 00-06-29

Papier Mache with Janet 00-06-28

Faerie Myst Paints with Kristy 00-06-27

Snap Bracelets with Janet 00-06-27

Reinker Magic with Suzanne 00-06-27

Faux Paste Paper with gltrgrrl 00-06-27

Beginning Stamping Discussion 00-06-27

Tinting B&W; with Kriz 00-06-26

Knotting Pearls with deborah 00-06-26

Easy Elegant Card from gltrgrrl 00-06-26

Papier Mache part 2 with Janet 00-06-26

Polished Stone Background with ReneeZ 00-06-24

Reinker Magic with Suzanne 00-06-24

Bread Dough Beads with Janet 00-06-24

Faerie Myst Paints with Kristy 00-06-23

H2Ohhhhhh with Redstick 00-06-23

Lampworking pt3 with cak 00-06-20

Making Clocks with Professor Lorrie 00-06-17

Lampworking part 2 with cak 00-06-13

Direct To Paper with Serene 00-06-10

Lampworking pt 1 with cak 00-06-06

Can It! says Sandi Marr 99-11-10

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