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Cyberstampers Logs for 2002!

[note: the format of dates is year-month-day]

Elegant and Enchanting part 1 with Redstick 02-07-27

  This & That Stamping Discussion 02-06-28

  Ribbon Embroidery on Cards with Janet 02-06-28

  Itty Bitty Put It In Your Pocket Book with Redstick 02-06-27

  Inkers Away with brenda 02-06-27

  Paperweaving with Kat  02-06-27

  Background Magic with CLion 02-06-27

  Circus in a Globe from Janet  02-06-27

  Paper Dying with Kim of Anima Designs 02-06-27

  Manly Cards from brenda 02-06-27

  Stamping 101 with kat 02-06-27

  Evolving Framed Tiles with Beanjean 02-06-26

  Going Postal with Keribou 02-06-26

  Evo Template Discussion with Evo & Cevo 02-06-26

  Aquarelle Minis with InkyWings 02-06-26

  Iris Folding with Keribou 02-06-26

  Bitz Bracelet with AliciaG 02-06-26

  Pearl Ex Backgrounds with Meegan of Bear Rubber 02-06-26

  PhotoArt Transfer to Clay with Kate 02-06-25

  Stamping 101 with kat 02-06-25

  Heather's Containers with Keribou 02-06-25

  Backing It Up with BeanJean 02-06-25

  Domino Gifts from Vicki B 02-06-24

  Tasselled Necklaces with Jenmist 02-06-24

  Going Postal with Keribou 02-06-24

  Glitzy Glittering with Jhone 02-06-24

  DTP with InkyWings 02-06-24

  Friendship Boxes with Jenmist 02-06-23

  Many Faces of Walnut Ink from Kim of Anima Designs 02-06-23

  Photoart Tinting with Chalks from Secondstar on the Right 02-06-23

 Sumptous Chamois with Redstick 02-06-22

 Face It CD Pins with Mystic Mermaid 02-06-22 

 Advanced Embossing Techniques from Second Star 02-06-22

 Minimalist Collage with MomCat 02-06-21

 Clayful Brooches with AliciaG 02-06-21

 Paper Batik with Mystic Mermaid 02-06-21

 Stampsmith presents Linda Reid's Dominos 02-06-21

 Glittered Wine Glasses from Second Star on the Right 02-06-21

Lumiere discussion with Jhone 02-06-08

Ribbon Embroidery with Janet 02-06-04

Cuts to Die for from Debbie 02-06-01

Scanner Tricks from Janet 02-05-28

Kid Stamping (with, not on) with Janet 02-05-25

Altered Book part 6 (an origami book) from Maggie 02-05-21

Polymer Clay People with Mystic Mermaid 02-05-14

Close to the Vest with beanjean 02-05-18

kat Spotlights Cards 02-05-07

Janet tells us What Do I Do with This Brayer? 02-05-04

Altered Book part 5 (Soltice Shrine) with Maggie 02-04-30

Polymer Clay Pins with Vyx 02-04-27

Blopens and Blitzer Ideas from Keribou 02-04-23

Cheap 'n' Easy Discussion 02-04-20

Concertina Tag Book with kat 02-04-16

Mini-purse Necklace with Jenmist 02-04-13

Altered Book part 4 with MaggieB 02-04-10

Japanese Stab Binding from Holly 02-04-06

Domino Theory from kat 02-04-02

Masking Discussion with Janet 02-03-30

Iris Folding with Keribou 02-03-26

Altered Book--Grid Technique with Maggie Part 3 02-03-19

Eggstra Special Eggs with Janet 02-03-16

Vellum! 02-03-12

Scrapin' and Stampin' with BeanJean 02-03-09

Brenda Visits the Circustamps 02-03-05

Domino Theory with CindyC  02-03-03

Frame Class with Alicia G Creative  02-03-03

Stipples and Shapes with Janet  02-03-02

Light My Fire with Jenmist  02-03-02

Easy Amulet Bags with Jenmist  02-03-02

Watercoloring part 2 with Janet  02-03-02

Enchy's Cat Woman Dolls  02-03-02

Stamping on Tranparencies with Janet  02-03-01

Brenda plays with gg designs stamps  02-03-01

Big Background Stamps with Second Star  02-03-01

Paper Patchwork with Lena  02-03-01

Faux Aquarelle Mini with Inky Wings  02-03-01

Cards for Men Ideas from Brenda  02-03-01

Polymer Clay Cover Accordion Book from Redstick  02-02-28

Caught in Crystal with Second Star on the Right  02-02-28

Photo Prep with Kristi  02-02-28

Watercolors with Janet  02-02-28

Clearly Treasures with Rosem of Appaloosa  02-02-27

Polymer Clay Pins with Vyx  02-02-27

Stamping 101 Discussion with Keribou  02-02-27

Warhol Carving with Kristi  02-02-27

Gibson Girls with Brenda  02-02-27

Perfect Pearls with Redstick  02-02-27

Lunch with Janet  02-02-27

Altered Books part 2 with MaggieB  02-02-26

PhotoArt Stamps on Polymer Clay  02-02-26

Clayfuls with Janelicia Alicia G Creative  02-02-26

Doin' the Wild Thangs with Brenda  02-02-26

Penscore Backgrounds with Keribou  02-02-26

Clink Its! with Inky Wings  02-02-26

Enchanting Book from Redstick  02-02-26

Clayfuls with Alicia G Creative  02-02-26

Iron-on Stamping Transfers with Blurose  02-02-26

Minimalist Collage with Momcat  02-02-25

Brenda and Inky Wings Stamps  02-02-25

Duotones at Anima Designs Social Hour  02-02-25

Impromptu Class! Butt Wipe Cards with Janet  02-02-25

Carving with Kristi  02-02-25

Using Carved Images with Libby  02-02-25

Mixing the Wild EP with Appaloosa's Susan  02-02-25

Stamp Basics 101 with Keribou  02-02-25

Watercolor Class with Janet  02-02-24

Pearl-Ex Magic with Appaloosa's Susan  02-02-24

Color Mixing with Momcat  02-02-24

Another Lea Everse Faux Fun Hour  02-02-23

What's in the pot? with Sparkle  02-02-23

Learning with Jhone  02-02-23

Brush Marker DTP with Inky Wings  02-02-23

Color Wheel with Momcat  02-02-23

Penscore Possibilities with Keribou  02-02-22

Getting Connected with mIRC  02-02-22

Easy Recipies for Convention Time  02-02-19

Paper Tole with RubberRabbit  02-02-16

DTP Tissue Overlay  02-02-12

Reinker Discussion  02-02-09

Encore Technique from RubberRabbit  02-02-05

Stippling with Janet  02-02-02

Altered Books part 1 with MaggieB  02-01-29

Cut 'n' Dry Ink Pads 02-01-26

Your Name in Wire with Lory 02-01-22

Faux Aging with Lea 02-01-19

Kristi's Warhol Technique 02-01-15

Color Wheel with MomCat 02-01-12

More Uses for Evo's Templates  02-01-08

Faux Tin Punch with Melissa 02-01-05

Using Evo's Template with Keribou 02-01-02

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