Now accepting vendors for the Craft Vendor Mall
and FOUR INCLUDED conventions a year!

Four conventions a year! Each will run over a long three-day weekend and be packed with classes, social hours and events – and stampers hungry for your products!

Convention dates for 2007 and 2008 are:

Fall 2007: November 9-11
Winter 2008: January 17-20
Spring 2008: April 24-27
Summer 2008: August 14-17
Fall 2008: November 13-16

We do realize that there is some conflict with other conventions you go to in here, there simply are no good non-conflicting weeks. With an on-line convention, you can be there from anywhere you can find an internet connection.


Basically, the craft vendor mall is like being in a year-round on-line convention... Each vendor mall participant will have a "front door" web page, with arrows to move from store to store. Rather like walking the mall. These "front door" pages will be maintained by us, the mall store contents will be maintained by you. There will be a mall directory page where a shopper can go directly to whatever vendor they choose.

YOU (the vendor) can do with your pages whatever you wish (within Cyberstampers terms and conditions). It's your space. You can use it to link to your existing web site... you can make this your primary web home and put your catalog in there, whatever you want to be selling. And since you have access to it, you can change it every hour on the hour if you want.

Your vendor mall web space also includes a personal IRC channel on Dueling Modems' chat server... and the stampers are already meeting there, just waiting for someone to come in and give them a chance to buy something! If a mall vendor wants to schedule a weekly on-line session with customers and potential customers (who will soon be friends, I promise), we will publicize the times you will be available for chatting, order taking and explaining new products. If you need help getting comfortable in the IRC environment, we can help with that, too.


Pricing is very simple... membership in the Craft Vendor Mall is $35 a month, due on the first of each month, and convention booths are free for Craft Vendor Mall members. There's a discount for pre-paying for the entire year of one free month's rent and no set-up fee. You can also avoid the set-up fee by pre-paying one quarter.

Sound good? Then go sign up now! There is no deadline for entering the vendor mall, other than the processing time between sign up and being in place. All prices are quoted in US dollars, payable by major credit card or check.
Basic fee Extra charges

$35 mo.

Set up fee
Quarterly Weekend Conventions included in mall membership
Possible Discounts Pre-pay one year NO setup fee!
Free month rent!
Pre-pay one quarter
NO setup fee!


Choose from the following options to pay through our secure server by credit or debit card. We accept payments made with MasterCard and Visa cards, and also will accept checks and money orders.

We prefer credit/debit cards because of the ease (on everybody!) to auto-bill your account each month (or quarter or year, whichever applies). However, if you want to send us a check or money order, send it to:

6512 Chalk Court
Plano TX 75023


Update my billing information using the secure server *
Pre-pay a year of mall rent (11x$35= $385)
includes FREE month's rent and NO setup fee! Our best value!
Pre-pay one quarter of mall rent (3x$35= $105)
includes NO setup fee!
One month mall rent ($35 + $250 setup fee) Our worst value!
(don't do this, you're paying way more for one month than for a quarter)
*This charges you $.01, which will be taken off your next payment.

Feel free to write with any questions or concerns.
We'd love to have you join us!


last modified 3 September, 2007